Update on Flight Centre wholesale travel
Posted on: 10 September 2020

Flight Centre and all of the travel service providers (e.g. hotels, etc.) we work with continue to process large volumes of refunds for customers. Unfortunately, in many cases, there are delays in getting the money back to customers for various reasons.

Sometimes the travel service provider may provide a different explanation to customers about where funds are held, and we know this is causing frustration for our customers.

In some cases, funds are paid immediately by us to travel service providers, and in other cases, funds are held until the trip has been taken or ‘availed’. This will depend on when we are contractually required to make payment to the travel service provider.

Due to our contractual obligations, we can only refund customers in accordance with the travel service provider’s cancellation terms and conditions (which for COVID-19 cancellations, may be waived closer to the date of departure), or alternatively, only if the travel service provider has expressly authorised us to process the customer’s refund.

Unfortunately this doesn't always happen in a timely manner. In some cases, a travel service provider’s COVID-19 policy provides for a travel credit only. A travel credit may also be the only available option where a booking is cancelled and attracts cancellation fees (e.g. instant purchase products, and non-refundable products).

Nevertheless, please be reassured that we advocate for the best outcome for our customers, including when cancellation fees are applied by a travel service provider, we work closely with them to seek waivers if we can.